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12 Things That Become Normal When You’re A BowStern Intern

Publish Date: 11/21/2016

  1. Trying to get coffee in the morning feels like you’re competing in the Hunger Games.
  1. The 30 minute commute to work is 100% worth it.
  1. You will always find a reason to use a meme.
  1. You can expect a shot of Fireball on your 21st birthday.
  1. You’ll look forward to Monday morning meetings...
  1. Taking a 5 minute break to refuel in the Nursery is completely acceptable.
  1. When the Boiler Room temperature fluctuates from 90 degrees to -40 degrees within 10 minutes.
  1. You frequent Moe’s on lunch breaks, and give in to becoming a rewards member.
  1. You brush up on your cooking skills for the monthly office bake-off.
  1. You (eventually) get used to seeing Chet lurking in random corners around the office.
  1. You hear commotion (or the bell ring), but have no clue what’s being celebrated.
  1. You will always feel like a million bucks because you work with the most supportive and kind people out there.
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