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280 Twitter count? Say what?

Publish Date: 11/09/2017

Twitter has changed the tweeting game by changing the original 140-character limit to 280.

There are already conflicting comments on the lack of necessity for a 280-character limit. Although there is mostly conflict to be seen by this change, there is a secret benefit to this many may not have been aware of…

You see, now that there are so many 280 tweets flooding the Twitter stream, we feel that marketers can use this to their advantage. While everyone may be complaining about the longer tweets, we can stand out with more brief and summarized versions. So in the midst of these unnecessarily long-winded tweets, the shorter ones will catch more attention.

When we send tweets like these:

They will stand out amongst tweets like these:

Much like the other social platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. Brevity is now key in catching attention, but now the briefest tweets will actually catch attention on Twitter – whereas before, brief was the norm.

So, in the wise words of David B. Thorpe,

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