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We don’t need no education

Publish Date: 09/28/2015

Needed or not, the BowStern crew has education. Several staffers have multiple degrees, resulting in 134% of the BowStern holding a diploma. And, for the record, none use double negatives.

Further, a study done in recent years indicated that fewer than 30% of college graduates hold a job using their major. Seems like a waste of (at least) four years, yes?

Not at BowStern. 91% of employees are working in field related to their degree(s). Here’s a breakdown of educational background:

So what’s with those outliers? Second majors in some cases. In other cases, crew members realized doing taxes was pretty dull work and sought to find ways to be more creative while still utilizing the critical thinking skills that come with a finance major.

We love to break from convention at BowStern, and this is just one more way we’re doing it. #TheMoreYouKnow.

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