Between wind and water with BowStern


Publish Date: 08/14/2015

BowSternism: (n) a word or phrase used and overused by an employee of BowStern Marketing Communications.

The crew: How Tom refers to the team because he doesn’t remember anyone’s name.

Wrike that: Polite way to tell coworkers you’re never going to remember what they’re asking you to do

Boat drinks: We’re not really sure what a boat drink is, but we like ‘em!

Meet me at the swinging chairs: Where meetings turn in to Leuking Life Lessons.

Heads up: I’m about to create a lot of extra work for you, but I wanted you to know in advance.

Is your internet running slow? Has anyone called Comcast today?

Let me check with the team: Phrase commonly used when clients have asked for the impossible, and you need to figure out how to make it happen.

I’m freezing: Jonathan and Chris are comfortable. All the women are frozen.

Is the calendar approved? No.

We’re out of beer: Stedmond!

Do you have two seconds? Code for “I’m asking if you have time to meet with me for 30 minutes to deal with my crisis and completely blow off all other crises that others may be having.”

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