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How to Fail an Internship Interview at BowStern

Publish Date: 06/30/2015

Failing an internship is easier than you think, and we’ve put together this handy guide to help you out!

Step 1: Call and Ask for Directions
While the ability to read a topographical map or to use an atlas is not a required skill of interns at BowStern, the ability to find solutions to problems is.

Step 2: Believe It’s Better to Arrive Late than to Arrive Early
It’s not. We’ll hire Sloth if he’s qualified and on time. If Ryan Gosling arrives at 10:01 for a 10:00 interview, he’s not even getting a courtesy meeting. (Well, maybe we’ll give Ryan a courtesy meeting just so we can stare at him, but you’re not getting one.)

Step 3: Show Off Your Memory Skills by Showing up Empty-Handed
Even if you have eidetic memory, humor us by bringing something to take notes with and on. This tells us that you’re interested enough in what we do to write it down. This tells us that you don’t presume to already know everything there is to know about marketing. This tells us you’re willing to listen and to learn.

Step 4: Assume We Remember Your Resume
You may have placed 9th in your middle school spelling bee, and we’re very impressed. But it’s good general practice to bring multiple copies of your resume to all interviews just in case those interviewing you don’t have your eidetic memory.

Still wanting to interview with us? May the odds be ever in your favor!

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