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Your Logo Here! How to pick the Perfect Promo Item

Publish Date: 7/14/2016

BravoZulu Awards

The Annual Greater Tallahassee Chamber Conference is fast approaching. This year’s conference will be in August at Amelia Island Plantation. One of the fun aspects of this conference is the friendly competition among business owners to ‘one up’ each other and win the coveted Bravo Zulu Award for the best promo item. Thanks to special guest blogger, Bowman Promotional Specialties, for sharing some tips to help you pick a winning promo!

As the owner of a promotional specialties business, people often ask me what my favorite promo item is…today. The truth is I don’t have just one favorite item. Who your audience is, what your message is, where and how the promotional item will be used and what your budget is should dictate what you choose.

For an event such as the Annual Greater Tallahassee Chamber Conference, your target audience is local business owners and civic-minded people taking time to learn about the current business landscape in Tallahassee, make connections, and have a little fun.  Now, more than ever, people want to have a personal experience and create memories to take with them long after an event.  A cool, hip promo item is the perfect vehicle to accomplish that. Take advantage of the Chamber Conference and make your business stand out from the rest by handing out a promo item with the ‘wow’ factor! 

But how do you create the ‘wow’ factor?

  1. Start by identifying what you want to accomplish.  What do you want people to learn about you?  Are your products or services technology related, eco-friendly, sports and leisure related, etc.?
  2. A fun, creative tagline can go a long way to help make your promo item create one of the more memorable moments of the weekend. Do you want to include a call to action? What about a catchy hashtag? A creative tagline would be a perfect opportunity. 

  1. Unique packaging and distribution can also go a long way to make your promo the hot giveaway of the year.  At the Chamber Conference, most promos are given out at the conference check-in.  If your company is sponsoring an event at the conference, check with the Chamber about distributing a specifically-related promo item so you can supersize the power of your message. For instance, if you are sponsoring the drink carts at the golf tournament, consider putting branded koozies in the carts ahead of time!
  2. Full color graphics are available on many items today to make your message stand out. Handy products that are available in full color imprint such as SPF lip balm or sun screen are always a big hit when you are having fun in the sun! A multi-functional quality microfiber screen cleaner that can be used for sunglasses as well as phone and computer screens is another affordable option.

  1. Finally, think about the atmosphere at the event. The Chamber Conference offers many opportunities to be in the sun. Would you love to see your logo stamped all over the beach in the sand from a flip flop that has your logo on the bottom? How about a cool new Sling Grip for the back of your phone that helps prevent you from dropping your phone when you are holding your drink, conference agenda and purse?  Another idea that is on-target for the Chamber Conference is a selfie stick. There are plenty of opportunities at the conference for snapping selfies with a few of your closest Tallahassee business owners! Copper vacuum insulated bottles are a very popular retail item that have made their way to the promotional products world.  The variety of finishes: wood tone, camo, or colorful matte, give companies lots of great looks to work with and an opportunity to really be on trend. And let's not forget about the old fan favorite, the best writing pen ever!  You know, the one you won’t let anyone use because it writes better than any other pen you have ever had? That is a promo item with true longevity.

High quality, targeted promos that are useful and fun can make your promo the Bravo Zulu Award winner of the year!

Still not sure where to get started? Let us help you!

Kris Bowman

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