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In like a lion and out like a lamb

Publish Date: 03/24/2016

March is a time of year that the BowStern crew looks forward to for many reasons. It ushers in spring and kicks winter’s butt out the door. It gives us another reason to drink a customary beverage and eat a traditional meal to honor our (non-existent) Irish roots. We plan our first trips to the beach during Spring Break in hopes of soaking up the first warm rays of the year. Easter bunnies and filled eggs dance in our heads as we welcome the holiday that is synonymous with new life.

But there’s one more event at the end of March for which the whole nation plans, researches, and wagers on: March Madness. March Madness turns the old adage on its head, causing March to go out like a lion too. It’s that crazy time of year when people who know nothing about college basketball and those who are experts all guess how a weeks-long tournament will turn out – in the form of brackets.

We at BowStern like brackets, too – about food and beer! In honor of March Madness, we invite you to play our BowStern March Madness Bracket, in which we’ve pitted local burgers, hotdogs, beer and sports bars against national ones. This first round coincides with the Sweet 16. Take our poll below, and we’ll be back with the Elite 8.

Polling is now closed, please check "BowStern March Madness Playoffs Announces Elite 8" for the next round.

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