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What is your social media alter ego?

Publish Date: 6/2/2016

There are many different types of social media friends and followers. Whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, people tend to have the same social media “personality” on all social channels.

Does your social media personality reflect your real life personality? That is left up for interpretation. Maybe your social media alter ego is your secret identity that you’re too scared to show people outside of the digital world. Or maybe your social media persona is exactly who are you in the real world. Which social media personality are you?


1. The Over-Posters

You know the ones. They post 10 times a day or more, sometimes five minutes between posts. They post everything from how they slept last night or their pre-dawn workout to the to-do list they’ve checked off by 10am to the guy who cut them off in traffic and finally a picture of their gourmet at-home dinner. We get a play by play of their day!


2. The Sharers

If you share every one of those food recipe videos on Facebook, the ones that show you how to make all kinds of weird apps and desserts, this is you. Naturally, if you like fajita-stuffed chicken, ALL of your Facebook friends should know how to make it, right?


3. The Lurkers

These are the folks who have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account (or even all three) but never post a thing. They have one profile picture and maybe a tweet or two but they use social media to stay up-to-date with what their friends and family are doing. Truthfully, they’re just lurking.


4. The Commenters

These are the ones who feel compelled to comment on just about every post they read, even if the comment has already been made. You agree that Donald Trump shouldn’t be President or that the Cincinnati Zoo did the right thing? Wonderful! Try simply “liking” the post instead of rehashing what’s already been stated.


5. Your Biggest Fans (likers)

We all have those few friends or followers whom you can always count on to like your posts. Need one more like on Instagram to break your record? These folks have your back. Usually, it’s your mom or an old acquaintance from class. Regardless, you can always expect some love from them. If you’re one of these generous likers, your social media friends definitely appreciate you.


6. Those Lacking a Filter

Based on the recent trend of employers researching potential employees on social media, many people have begun censoring themselves in an effort to find a job. But there are exceptions to every rule. The people in this category have completely ignored the tone-it-down trend and continue to rant, curse and share unprofessional or even inappropriate content in their statuses – and still hope to find a job!


7. The Normal People

If you haven’t felt ashamed of yourself when reading the descriptions above, you may be what we call “normal.” However, very few of these people exist on social media these days. With that being said, if you think you’re one of the normal ones, ask your social media friends. They might beg to differ.


To get a better idea of what social media personality describes you, share this with your friends. Regardless of your social media personality, we say, “You do you!” Embrace and enjoy your social media persona, whatever that is. Unless you’re the one sharing all of the 30-second food recipe videos. Stop doing that.

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