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Publish Date: 10/09/2015

Facebook’s new reaction buttons create a buzz

For as long as we’ve been involved with Facebook, people have been asking for a “dislike” button for status updates on America’s most commonly used social media platform. The problem, however, with a “dislike” button is that it’s so ambiguous. For example, if Jonathan shares

And we “dislike” it, what are we disliking? Do we dislike the fact ESPN isn’t covering Froning? Do we dislike ESPN saying exercise isn’t a sport? Or do we dislike Jonathan’s opinion because, in fact, exercise isn’t a sport?

Facebook’s solution was savvy: create multiple reactions for users to choose from to more clearly express our thoughts. Using these new reactions, we can now:

  • Love Jonathan’s status. He is so right.
  • Laugh at Jonathan’s status. Rich Froning is a joke.
  • Cheer Jonathan’s status. ESPN should reconsider its position.
  • Gape open-mouth at Jonathan’s status. He seriously wants more coverage of Froning?!?
  • Cry about Jonathan’s status. We’re bummed, too.
  • Be angry about Jonathan’s status. Rich Froning is the greatest athlete to ever walk the earth, and ESPN should have an entire channel dedicated to his awesomeness!

Truly, Facebook’s solution is pretty great. We can only find one downfall. Where’s the “huh?” reaction to convey that we have no idea what Jonathan’s talking about. Rich Froning? Is he a WWE wrestler or something?

Tell us what you think:

Which Facebook reaction are you most excited to use?
I won't use any of these. I'm still holding out for "dislike."
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