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Words and Phrases to Make You Sounds More Smarter

Publish Date: 07/30/2015

We’re sure you’ve seen this list of 15 words to eliminate from your vocabulary, and we thought we should offer some similar advice. We firmly believe that if you just add the following words and phrases to your vocabulary, you will absolutely sound more smarter.

Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what your country can do for you.
Misquoting JFK is a great way to make people think you’re an intellectual who is well-versed in politics and American history. If you can say this in a terrible Boston accent, even better!

Just so you know…
It’s important to use these words whenever you start to answer a question. For example:
“Hey, Chris, did you promote my client’s post yet?”
“Yes, but just so you know, Facebook has changed its algorithms and its approval policy on all advertising.” This phrase very subtly reminds your listener that you’re smarter by conveying these unspoken messages:

  • I already know what I’m about to tell you, and that means I’m smarter than you.
  • I am more in-the-know than you.

Get that in queue.
Not only are you sounding more smarter by giving an order, you’re using a word that sounds like a letter. Further, only British people use the word queue on a regular basis, and everyone knows British people are smart.

Does anyone outside of Google really use this word in their real lives? Yes. Chris Lueking does. Mainly, he uses it to sound smart when talking to clients about how to increase sales. It works every time.

Bravo Zulu
This phrase is particularly effective in making others think you’re smart because it simply confuses them. They will suspect you’re praising something they’ve done because everyone know what “bravo” means. But zulu will throw them a curve ball because they don’t know what it means. Some people will even assume you speak fluent Swahili and will ask about your travels to Africa. Be prepared to regale them with stories of playing your six-string guitar with the king of Zanzibar.

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