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Gotta Go Fast – 3 Tests to Run Before the Google Speed Update

Publish Date: 01/24/2018

Mobile Issues

Speed is the name of the game in 2018. Google recently announced the “Speed Update,” it’s the next major SEO upgrade. In the spirit of going fast, we’ve identified three, 5-minute tests to check your site against the competition before the update goes live.

Who: Google Search Engine Results and AdWords Quality Score.

What: The Speed Update will give long-loading mobile pages (8-12 seconds) lower rankings in the organic search results and AdWords quality score, resulting in higher AdWords cost.

Where: Mobile Search Results Pages.

Why: Mobile web browsing represents the majority of search engine traffic and Google estimates that most mobile sites lose half their visitors while the site loads. Google is wisely applying their desktop algorithm to mobile devices.

When: July 2018.

Mobile Speed Scores

Start with these free tools:

TestMySite by Google - The official testing tool for this update shows the average load speed of your site on a 3G mobile device and the estimated visitor loss due to loading.

PageSpeed Insights - Another tool from Google designed to give your site a 1 – 100 ranking of mobile optimization and some key areas to fix.

Google Webmaster Tools* – Its Mobile Usability report lists errors and recommended areas to evaluate mobile sites. It’s also worthwhile to do a mobile rendering using the Fetch as Google tool while you’re here.

*Note that you may need to follow the steps to set this up if it’s your first time with Google Webmaster Tools.

Mobile Speed Rank

Help! I don’t have “Speed Update” time!

If you don’t like what you see with these reports, contact us for a free consultation on additional steps you can take to prepare for the Google Speed Update.

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