Will You Respond to the Call?

Our community is fortunate to have so many nonprofits, and our community is also filled with talented individuals with the skills these nonprofits need. We want to pair the need with the talent, so we’re launching a community page where talented designers, web masters, and PR professionals can find a nonprofit to help. Check out these worthy causes and put your talents to work!

Project MayDay
2-1-1 Big Bend, Inc. Contact:
Website: www.211bigbend.org
Contact: Angela Hardiman
Email: development@211bigbend.org
Phone: 850-617-6323
Marketing needs:
  • New website
  • Comprehensive and measurable marketing plan
  • Serve as extension of the organization and its staff
Aaron Grider Foundation Contact:
Website: www.aarongriderfoundation.org
Contact: Brittany Grider
Email: Brittany@aarongriderfoundation.org
Phone: 910-514-6306
Marketing needs:
  • Increase visibility
  • Investigate/analyze marketing methods
  • Awareness/engagement through social media
Ability1st Contact:
Website: www.ability1st.info
Contact: 850-575-9621 ext 102
Email: danmoore@ability1st.info
Marketing needs:
  • Increasing overall community awareness
  • Promoting special events and fundraisers
  • Development of innovative marketing strategies/tools
America’s Second Harvest of the Big Bend Contact:
Website: www.fightinghunger.org
Contact: James M. Croteau
Email: jcroteau@fightinghunger.org
Marketing needs:
  • Increase awareness of need for ongoing support to cover costs of pickup/delivering food
  • Increase ease and low cost for e-donation and mobile platforms
  • Increase number of dedicated (versus one-time) volunteers.
Animal Shelter Foundation Contact:
Website: www.animalshelterfoundation.com
Contact: Michael Davino
Email: mdavino@wradvisors.com
Marketing needs:
  • Establish proper marketing plan
  • Increased revenues for marketing of Monthly Donor program
  • Fundraising, awareness of ASF
Arts for Health Florida Contact:
Website: www.artsforhealthflorida.org
Contact: Merrilee Jorn
Email: mjorn@artsforhealthflorida.org
Marketing needs:
  • Create a brand across all current platforms (website, social media, print)
  • Build community awareness
  • Make Tallahassee a model city for Arts for Health Florida
Big Bend Cares Contact:
Website: www.bigbendcares.org
Contact: Charlie Adams
Email: cadams@bigbendcares.org
Marketing needs:
  • Awareness for education and testing
Big Bend Habitat for Humanity Contact:
Website: bigbendhabitat.org
Contact: Nolah Shotwell
Email: nshotwell@bigbendhabitat.org
Marketing needs:
  • E-newsletters
  • Social media platforms
  • Special events media
Big Bend Homeless Coalition Contact:
Website: www.bigbendhc.org
Contact: Arun Dhanarajan
Email: adhanarajan@bigbendhc.org
Marketing needs:
  • Fundraising development
  • Enhance website
  • Promotion of annual fundraiser
Big Brothers Big Sisters Contact:
Website: www.bigbendmentoring.org
Contact: Alva Strilpin
Email: alva@bbbsbigbend.org
Marketing needs:
  • Match story promotion resulting in fundraising
  • Recruitment of male mentors
  • Promotion of donation bins
Boys & Girls Club of the Big Bend Contact:
Website: www.bgcbb.org
Contact: Mary McShane
Email: mmcshane@bgcbb.org
Marketing needs:
  • Change reputation
  • Expand marketing strategy
  • Building relationships in specific communities
Brehon Family Services Contact:
Website: www.brehonfamilyservices.org
Contact: Jackie Malone
Email: jmalone@brehonfamilyservices.org
Marketing needs:
  • Expand donor base
  • Increase number of active subscribers to monthly e-newsletters
  • Increase community awareness
Calhoun County Senior Citizens, Association Contact:
Website: www.calhouncountyseniors.org
Contact: Marilyn Russell
Email: senior1@gtcom.net
Marketing needs:
  • Outreach of services for new members
  • Outreach to contributors
  • Advertisements
Capital Area Community Action Agency Contact:
Website: capitalareacommunityactionagency.com
Contact: Tim Center
Email: tim.center@cacaainc.org
Marketing needs:
  • Connect with struggling low-income families
  • Connecting with the community
  • Encouraging community
Capital City Youth Services, Inc. Contact:
Website: www.ccys.org
Contact: Jess Tharpe
Email: jess.tharpe@ccys.org
Marketing needs:
  • Funding
  • Graphic design/collateral
  • New website
Capital Medical Society Foundation Contact:
Website: www.capmed.org
Contact: Pam Wilson
Email: pwilson@capmed.org
Marketing needs:
  • Develop strategy for creating, distributing and measuring marketing material
  • Produce compelling videos for grant presentations/website
  • Develop online fundraising tool that is mobile-responsive. (app)
Capital Region YMCA Contact:
Website: www.capitalregionymca.org
Contact: Ray Purvis
Email: rpurvis@capitalregionymca.org
Marketing needs:
  • Membership recruitment
  • Program promotion/awareness
  • Mission impact
Childhood Apraxia of Speech of North America Contact:
Website: www.apraxia-kids.org
Contact: Tabatha Rackley
Email: tabbi32304@gmail.com
Marketing needs:
Concerned United People, Inc. Contact:
Website: www.nonprofitfacts.com/fl/concerned-united-people-inc.html
Contact: O.S. Lamar Sheffield
Email: sheffieldhelpmeet@gmail.com
Marketing needs:
  • Awareness and activism campaigns
  • Membership drive, commitment and involvement
  • Annual entrepreneurs recognition banquet
Dare to Dream Young Girls Network, Inc. Contact:
Website: www.daretodreamyoungirls.com
Contact: Kimolyn Ferrell
Email: dream@daretodreamyoungirls.com
Marketing needs:
  • Branding, logo, print work (Brochure, 8-pg Newsletter, Cards, Mini magazine)
  • Grow social media viewership
  • Visuals through billboard, public transportation, video
Dress for Success Tallahassee Contact:
Website: tallahassee.dressforsuccess.org
Contact: Wendy Hedrick
Email: Tallahassee@dressforsuccess.org
Marketing needs:
  • Branding/recognition
  • Larger social media presence
  • Fundraising material
Elder Care Services Contact:
Website: www.ecsbigbend.org
Contact: Kelly-Ann Fasano
Email: fasanok@ecsbigbend.org
Marketing needs:
  • Designing/maintain new website
  • Branding awareness
  • Designing collateral and creating social media strategy
Emergency Help Care Organization (ECHO) Contact:
Website: www.echotally.org
Contact: Jon Hinkle
Email: donations@echotally.org
Marketing needs:
  • Creation of automated system for email and newsletters
  • Hire or contract services to maintain/execute communications
Epilepsy Association of the Big Bend Contact:
Website: www.eabb.org
Contact: Mandy Bianchi
Email: mandy@eabb.org
Marketing needs:
  • Creating/promoting a signature event
  • Portraying value of supporting the agency
  • Gain recognition
Farm Share, Inc. Contact:
Website: farmshare.org
Contact: Dave Reynolds
Email: dave@farmshare.org
Marketing needs:
  • Ensure families in need are aware of program and events
  • Increase community support
Florida Afterschool Network Contact:
Website: www.myfan.org
Contact: Joe Davis
Email: jdavis@floridacsc.org
Marketing needs:
  • Establish a state specific identity and message
  • Creating a tailored marketing plan
  • Creating core marketing materials for continued use
Florida Children’s Council Contact:
Website: www.fklchildrenscouncil.org
Contact: Brittany Birken
Email: bbirken@floridacsc.org
Marketing needs:
  • Social media
  • Strategic communication plan
  • Core marketing materials
Florida Guardian ad Litem Foundation Contact:
Website: www.flgal.org
Contact: Sonia Valladares
Email: www.dflgal.org
Marketing needs:
  • Purchase 5 billboards in key urban areas
  • Purchase 80 ½ page ads in local community newspapers
  • Radio
  • Partner with TV or cable station
Florida Kiwanis Foundation Contact:
Website: www.floridakiwanisfoundation.org
Contact: Jim Wylie
Email: fjameswylie@gmail.com
Marketing needs:
  • Fundraising
  • Creating awareness
  • Increasing Kiwanis service in local communities
Foundation for Leon County Schools Contact:
Website: www.foundationforlcs.com
Contact: Sheila Costigan
Email: costigans@leonschools.net
Marketing needs:
  • Creative and user-friendly website/social media presence
  • Comprehensive messaging platform
  • Creating relevant messages for target audiences
Frenchtown Neighborhood Improvement Association Contact:
Website: www.frenchtownheritage.org
Contact: Michelle Gomez
Email: frenchtownmarketplace@gmail.com
Marketing needs:
  • Consumer education
  • Vendor recruitment
  • Partnership development  
GFWC Woman’s Club of Tallahassee Contact:
Website: www.gfwcwomanscluboftallahassee.org
Contact: Susan McLeod
Email: mcleodks801@gmail.com
Marketing needs:
  • Attract/retain membership
  • Increase rentals of our historic clubhouse
  • Attract participation at fundraisers
Girls on the Run of the Big Bend, Inc. Contact:
Website: www.gotrbigbend.org
Contact: Ericka McKibbin
Email: Ericka.mckibbin@girlsontherun.org
Marketing needs:
  • Social media content management
  • Traditional media engagement
  • Development of marketing products to spread awareness
Global Peace Exchange Contact:
Website: www.globalpeaceexchange.org
Contact: Denver Governor
Email: director@globalpeaceexchange.org
Marketing needs:
  • Engage in strategic marketing effort to increase awareness
  • Increase donors
  • Increase funds
Innocence Project of Florida Contact:
Website: www.floridainnocence.org
Contact: Seth Miller
Email: smiller@floridainnocence.org
Marketing needs:
  • Establish social media plan
  • Improve awareness of signature fundraising event
  • Develop high-quality video vignettes for web
Innovative Community Engagement Foundation Contact:
Website: www.foundationICE.org
Contact: G.C. Murray, Jr.
Email: info@foundationICE.org
Marketing needs:
  • Increase exposure
  • Increase social media presence
Junior League of Tallahassee Contact:
Website: www.jltallahassee.org
Contact: Lindsay Volpe
Email: jltsponsorship@gmail.com
Marketing needs:
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Present brand across all platforms
  • Engage community
Last Hope Rescue Contact:
Website: www.lasthoperescue.org
Contact: Angela Drzewiecki
Email: lasthoperescuefl@gmail.com
Marketing needs:
  • To get each pup a monthly sponsor
  • Build a small facility
  • Save more lives, not depend solely on foster homes
Legal Services of North Florida, Inc. Contact:
Website: www.lsnf.org
Contact: Mary L. Dekle
Email: mary@lsnf.org
Marketing needs:
  • Create portfolio of TV, social media, radio, newspaper, magazine & print
  • Create plan and materials for the 40th anniversary of LSNF
LeMoyne Art Foundation, Inc. Contact:
Website: www.lemoyne.org
Contact: Kaye Kendrick
Email: kaye@kayekendrick.com
Marketing needs:
  • Enhance brand and develop marketing plan
  • Improve community awareness
  • Increase membership
Leon County Humane Society Contact:
Website: www.lchs.info
Contact: Sabrina Rodriguez de Conte
Email: srodriguezdeconte@lchs.info
Marketing needs:
  • Developing clear brand and identity
  • Redesign website to include integrated functionality & modernity
  • Consistent marketing materials
Leon High Band Boosters Contact:
Website: www.marchindredcoats.com
Contact: Lisa Felder
Email: jlcc@comcast.net
Marketing needs:
  • Fundraising
  • Awareness
Literacy Volunteers of Leon County Contact:
Website: www.literacyvolunteersleon.org
Contact: Rhonda Cooper
Email: literacy@leoncountyfl.gov
Marketing needs:
  • Implement strong communication system
  • Develop appropriate and sustainable social media presence
  • Create strong PR campaign for soliciting sponsors
Love and Faith Community Church Outreach Development Corporation Contact:
Website: www.symphonyseven.org
Contact: Dr. Marcella Torres
Email: mtorres@symphonyseven.org
Marketing needs:
  • Awareness
  • Educating parents on funding available for scholarships/private schools
  • Informing parents on differences between public and private schools
Love & Faith Ministries Community Church, Inc. Contact:
Website: www.thelfcc.org
Contact: Teira E. Farley
Email: tfarley@thelfcc.org
Marketing needs:
  • Completion of rebranding effort
  • Target market research
  • Strategic marketing plan development
Making Miracles Group Home Contact:
Website: www.makingmiraclesgrouphome.org
Contact: Carolyn Williams
Email: mycalc612@gmail.com
Marketing needs:
  • Awareness
  • Ensure sustainability/vitality
Miccosukee Youth Education Foundation, Inc. Contact:
Website: www.myefoundation.com
Contact: Dr. Mary Young
Email: myef02@aol.com
Marketing needs:
  • Increase number of participants
  • Establish sponsorship
  • Increase student progress (advanced classes, honor roll, passing course exams, standardized tests)
Miracle Hill Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Contact:
Website: www.micraclehillhealthcare.com
Contact: Tommy Daymond
Email: tdaymond@miraclehillhealthcare.com
Marketing needs:
  • Website redesign
  • Public education opportunities/seminars
  • Media campaign
Miracle Village Contact:
Website: www.miraclevillageinc.org
Contact: Dee Rush
Email: drmiracle.village@yahoo.com
Marketing needs:
  • Increase exposure
  • Visits to local organizations/churches to raise awareness
MLG Productions, Inc. Contact:
Website: www.facebook.com/mlgproductions
Contact: Markeshia Gorden
Email: mlgproductionsinc@gmail.com
Marketing needs:
  • Maintain consistent awareness and host workshops
  • Develop strategic marketing plan
  • Spearhead various campaigns to recognize other community organizations
Mothers for Mother Earth, Inc. Contact:
Website: www.M4ME.org
Contact: Dana Jones
Email: dwjones@m4me.org
Marketing needs:
  • Create a duplicable business model to implement locally and nationally
  • Create a public awareness campaign
  • Develop an ongoing fundraising program
North Florida Parkinson’s Foundation Contact:
Website: www.npfnorthflorida.org
Contact: Leslie Smith
Email: lesliesmith@gmail.com
Marketing needs:
  • Brand awareness
  • Growth
  • Signature event
PACE Center for Girls/Leon County Contact:
Website: www.pacecenter.og
Contact: Kelly Otte
Email: kelly.otte@pacecenter.org
Marketing needs:
  • Increase accurate brand awareness
  • Increase donations through effective video and program
  • Increase attendance and sponsorships
Patriotic Partners North Florida Contact:
Website: www.patrioticpartners.net
Contact: Thomas Dickens
Email: td@idickensreid.com
Marketing needs:
  • Increase awareness of presence of veteran owned businesses in N. Florida
Project Food, Land & People, Inc. Contact:
Website: www.foodlandpeople.org
Contact: Rod Wenzel
Email: flpflp2010@gmail.com
Marketing needs:
  • Outreach & brand awareness
  • Improving reputation
  • Development of marketing plan
Pyramid Contact:
Website: www.pyramidinc.org
Contact: Elaine Anderson
Email: eanderson@pyramidinc.org
Marketing needs:
  • Branding
Recycle4Haiti Foundation Inc. Contact:
Website: www.Recycle4Haiti.org
Contact: Carolyn Pompilus
Email: Carolyn@Recycle4Haiti.org
Marketing needs:
  • Increasing overall community awareness
  • Promoting International events and fundraisers
  • Development of innovative marketing strategies/tools
Refuge House, Inc. Contact:
Website: www.refugehouse.com
Contact: Lindsay Pierce
Email: lpierce@refugehouse.com
Marketing needs:
  • A more informative, user-friendly, and interactive website (smart phone friendly)
  • Strategic marketing plan
ReThink Energy Florida Contact:
Website: rethinkenergyflorida.org
Contact: Jacob Willis
Email: jacob@rethinkenergyflorida.org
Marketing needs:
  • Awareness
  • Established ad campaign
  • Website/social media presence and assistance
Robert F. Munroe Day School Contact:
Website: www.rfmunroe.org
Contact: Susie Morris
Email: Susie.morris@rfmunroe.org
Marketing needs:
  • Increase/maintain enrollment
  • PR
  • Awareness
Rotary Youth Camp Contact:
Website: www.rnfryc.org
Contact: Joyce Dove
Email: campryc@gmail.com
Marketing needs:
  • Informing parents of campers
  • Fundraising
  • Promotion of new vocational program
Robert F. Munroe Day School Contact:
Website: www.rfmunroe.org
Contact: Susie Morris
Email: Susie.morris@rfmunroe.org
Marketing needs:
  • Increase/maintain enrollment
  • PR
  • Awareness
Santa Rosa County Veterans Memorial Foundation, Inc. Contact:
Website: www.srcvmf.org
Contact: Ralph Nesenson
Email: vetmemorial@santarosa.fl.gov
Marketing needs:
  • Increase/maintain enrollment
  • PR
  • Awareness
School of Arts and Sciences Contact:
Website: www.schoolofartsandsciences.org
Contact: Leon Kung
Email: sas@leonkung.com
Marketing needs:
  • Create cohesive brand
  • Redesign website
  • Create large capital marketing campaign
SGI Cat Allies, Inc. Contact:
Website: www.sgicatallies.com
Contact: Cathy Buell
Email: cathy.buell@aol.com
Marketing needs:
  • Establish annual fundraising events
  • Create/present educational seminars
  • Cultivate/train volunteers
Southern Shakespeare Festival Contact:
Website: www.southernshakespearefestival.org
Contact: Laura W. Johnson
Email: laura@southernshakes.org
Marketing needs:
  • Raise public awareness
  • Use multiple media campaigns
  • Create workshops, events, fundraisers
Spirit of a Child Foundation Contact:
Website: www.spiritofachildfoundation.org
Contact: Sharon Marie Wynn
Email: sharon@spiritofachild.org
Marketing needs:
  • Build national awareness
  • Gain supporters/volunteers/
  • Establish corporate sponsorship
Springtime Tallahassee, Inc. Contact:
Website: www.springtimetallahassee.com
Contact: Jennifer Naff
Email: director@springtimetallahassee.com
Marketing needs:
  • Strong community presence
  • Increased awareness
  • Strategic marketing plan
Stand up and Fight Back Against Cancer Contact:
Website: --
Contact: Freddie Johnson
Email: freddiejohnson738@yahoo.com
Marketing needs:
  • Create website
  • Fundraising
  • Take cause global
Suwanee River Area Council, Boy Scouts of America Contact:
Website: www.suwaneeriver.net
Contact: Tia Pendleton
Email: tia.pendleton@scouting.org
Marketing needs:
  • Website design
  • Print materials
  • Social media
Tallahassee Lender’s Consortium Contact:
Website: www.tallahasseelenders.org
Contact: Elizabeth Misco
Email: elizabeth@tallahasseelenders.org
Marketing needs:
  • Website creation
  • Social media presence
  • Improve fundraising events/efforts
Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra Contact:
Website: www.tallahasseesymphony.org
Contact: Mandy Stringer
Email: director@tallahasseesymphony.org
Marketing needs:
  • Promotion & sales
  • Brand development
The Living Harvest, Inc. Contact:
Website: www.thelivingharvest.org
Contact: Dale White
Email: dale@thelivingharvest.org
Marketing needs:
  • Awareness of new location(s)
  • Build a larger support base
  • Fundraising & development
The Kearney Center Contact:
Website: www.kearneycenter.org
Contact: Monique Ellsworth
Email: Monique.Ellsworth@cesctlh.org
Marketing needs:
  • Fundraising
  • Consistent brand identity and recognition
  • Community awareness/outreach
The National Parkinson Foundation of North Florida Contact:
Website: www.npfnorthflorida.org
Contact: Joan Cassels
Email: lcassels4@comcast.net
Marketing needs:
  • New name & logo
  • New website & social media presence
  • Rebrand fundraising event
The Sharing Tree Contact:
Website: www.thesharingtreefl.org
Contact: Carly Sinnadurai
Email: recycle4art@yahoo.com
Marketing needs:
  • Awareness
Theatre Tallahassee Contact:
Website: www.theatretallahassee.org
Contact: Theresa Davis
Email: theresa@theatretallahassee.org
Marketing needs:
  • Audience & patron growth
  • Awareness
  • Fundraising
Tree House of Tallahassee Contact:
Website: www.treehouseflorida.org
Contact: Stacey Smith
Email: Stacey@smithsmith.net
Marketing needs:
  • Content management system for website
  • Awareness
  • Fundraising
Trinkets to Treasure Contact:
Website: --
Contact: Rebecca Priddle
Email: roillc@projecteventplan.onmicrosoft.com
Marketing needs:
  • Website
  • Email campaign
  • Print materials
Veterans to Work Program Contact:
Website: --
Contact: Dan Deanda
Email: dan.deanda@wfrpc.org
Marketing needs:
Volunteers of America of Florida Contact:
Website: www.voaflorida.org
Contact: Danielle DiVittorio
Email: ddivittorio@voa-fla.org
Marketing needs:
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Radio or TV commercials
  • Assistance in wrapping organization vehicles
Who We Play For Contact:
Website: www.whoweplayfor.org
Contact: Kieran Easton
Email: kieran.easton@whoweplayfor.org
Marketing needs:
  • Social media
  • Fundraising
  • Eblasts & newsletters
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