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During the darkness of the eclipse on September 21st, join us in shedding some light on homelessness in our community. We are using this solar event to raise money to support those in need - bringing them out of the darkness of homelessness and into the light of independent living.

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What can you do?

Take a selfie outside DURING the Eclipse, tag it @BowStern and share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #SolarSelfie and BowStern will donate $5 to The Kearney Center.

The Kearney Center provides 24-hour comprehensive emergency services to individuals experiencing or on-the-verge of experiencing homelessness. Your $5 donation guarantees 4 meals for community members seeking assistance at The Kearney Center.

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Seriously - how easy is this?

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Step 1:
Take a selfie outside during the eclipse.

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Step 2:
Share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #SolarSelfie and tag @BowStern.

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Step 3:
Smile - you just made a difference.