BowStern Creative Crew Get Design Week Tallahassee Print-Ready

(Tallahassee, Fla.)  Tallahassee’s first-ever week-long workshop for designers is set to begin Oct. 16, and BowStern’s Creative Department is leading the charge in preparing for the week-long event. Featuring experts from the region, Design Week Tallahassee is a series of workshops and presentations intended to educate and inspire Tallahassee-area designers. Topics range from technology use to typographic technique, and more than a dozen of the week’s 16 events are free.

“Design Week Tallahassee is an amazing opportunity for area designers,” said Jeremy Spinks, Creative Director at BowStern. “Professional development is often difficult to find locally or cost-prohibitive for many designers, so we’re happy to help promote the event and even more delighted to participate.”

In preparation for Design Week Tallahassee, BowStern crew members have designed and distributed event posters, managed social media pages, created promotional items for gift bags, secured local partnerships and even arranged to host a workshop. Carmen Clemente, who began as an intern at BowStern and is now a Graphic Designer for the firm, spearheaded Design Week Tallahassee’s marketing.

“This is an invaluable event for Tallahassee,” said Clemente. “Design Week Tallahassee is working to retain post-graduation talent by creating a genuine community of artists with a sense of healthy competition camaraderie.”

BowStern Graphic and Motion Designer Nipa Eason will be featured in the Women in Design panel discussion on Friday evening. Eason, who has a background in film, animation and print, believes true creativity comes in many forms. She shares the importance of challenging yourself as a designer and says that stretching yourself often involves activities and experiences not related to design such as reading and baking. According to Eason, finding other creative outlets often leads to better, more inspired designs.

The Women in Design panel will be at 6 p.m. on Oct. 21 at The CoLab at The Pod. For a full schedule of events and more information about Design Week Tallahassee, please visit

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