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The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) projected a nationwide shortage of 5,500 court reporters by the year 2018. With new electronic technologies and emerging competition on the rise, it was critical that NCRA proactively combat this potential labor crisis with increased court reporter enrollments and accreditations. Given the high stakes, BowStern was hired to develop and launch a marketing campaign to educate potential students about the projected court reporter shortage and unique job attributes, ultimately boosting interest in the career.

NCRA: Take Note

Our team developed the campaign “Court Reporting: Take Note.” The strength of the campaign was in the Take Note call to action. It playfully nodded to the role and responsibilities of a court reporter, but also called interested students to take notice of the career benefits.

To capitalize on career interest, the team also developed a campaign-specific website to inform users about the profession and garner qualified leads. This site served two purposes: 1) Provide a resource center for partner schools to download campaign materials for use at the local level; and 2) Pair an interested student with a court reporting school through an online quiz, while afterwards capturing contact information.

Take Note Website

The organization is maintaining its relevance as an industry, preparing students for careers with great earning potential and financial success, with low-cost education and all-but-guaranteed jobs. Overall, this campaign has armed association members with the ability to effectively promote the profession, yielding increased interest from new students.

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