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Redwire, a Tallahassee-based security company, had a thoughtfully developed, highly visible brand and a strong desire to increase awareness of the services they provide. To ensure Redwire made its mark on the local area, BowStern created and launched a brand-focused campaign to increase local recognition and clearly communicate that Redwire is: Real. Expert. Security.

BowStern began the campaign with a video for online advertising and local television programming. The video utilized their fleet of iconic, red service vans to convey a simple message: Redwire does security. The three spots (:60,:30, :15) showcased local Tallahassee scenery and included residential and commercial properties. To capture consumer attention, the style was purposefully fast-paced, balancing the steady and deep tones of the voiceover with the upbeat music.

Redwire Ad Banner

In addition to the video portion of the project, BowStern created a branded sound to represent the identity of Redwire and solidify their messaging over time. Redwire’s branded sound is brief and utilizes few harmonic tones in order to capture the attention of a television viewer or radio listener and subtly remind them of the brand without overwhelming.

Leveraging that humans are conditioned to take in sight and sound together, BowStern recommended animating the logo timed to the core, branded sound. The finalized sonic brand will lend continuity to campaigns over time to ensure that all Redwire ads are clearly and distinctively recognizable as part of the brand.

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