case study

Florida State Parks

the real Florida

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection understood they had a branding problem: the State Parks system was using a combination of related logos but didn't have its own presence. BowStern was charged with creating a consumer-facing brand that spoke to the visitor experience. It literally needed to be a bumper sticker.

the Florida State Park system is the second most popular destination in Florida

The Florida Panther not only represents the natural world found in the 175 parks; it represents DEP's mission to protect and preserve these treasures. As both a symbol of conservation and of truly wild wildlife, the panther resonates as one of the icons of the state.

The panther also represents a continuation of heritage in branding, having been used on a promotional license plate in the past. The connection ensured buy-in from key stakeholders within the parks themselves.

guardians of our most precious treasures

While the park system got a new consumer brand, the Park Service got new complimentary insignia. The badge incorporates the revised DEP logo, and harkens back to a classic design shape used in the 1970's.