BowStern Effort Garners Golds International Marketing Award

Gold’s Gives Back Program Earns Top Honors at Annual Convention

(Clearwater Beach, Fla)  Gold’s Gym of Tallahassee, a client of BowStern Marketing Communications, won the first place award for Best Marketing Program at the International Gold’s Gym Convention last night. Open to the more than 650 Gold’s Gyms around the world, the competition recognized the most innovative, creative and effective marketing effort.

The winning entry recognized the Gold’s Gives Back program, an ongoing, annual initiative designed by BowStern specifically for Gold’s Gym Tallahassee. The effort engages Tallahassee community members by asking them to nominate their favorite non-profits to be the recipient of a $500 donation and 12 individual corporate memberships from Gold’s Gym Tallahassee. This spirit of generosity is part of the culture of Gold’s Tallahassee and is reflective of owner/franchisee Jim Burtoft.

“Our team is dedicated to creating concepts that are both original and effective for all of our clients,” said Kelly Robertson, CEO of BowStern. “To have our idea recognized as not only the best in the nation but the best among all Gold’s Gyms is both an honor and a true testament to the power of a great campaign.”

The Gold’s Gym Marketing Competition is held annually at the Gold’s Gym convention and is judged by a franchisee-appointed panel.



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