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the legendary cheese widdler

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Everything you need to know about cheese widdlers and how to use them.
Did Jonathan “Buddy” Stern and Nathanial Edgar Bow invent the cheese widdler?

Cheese Widdler Origins

As late as the 1950s, cheese all over America was widdled by hand, or worse - not even widdled at all. That's when Jonathan "Buddy" Stern and Nathanial Edgar Bow decided there must be a better way. The Cheese Widdler© was born.

Cheese Widdlers Throughout History

As the term Cheese Widdler is completely made up, there is very little reference to it in history. There is no entry in the dictionary, and the term has not been featured in Shakespeare or Chaucer. Reports in the Texas Tribune from 1878 do mention a duel fought over the use of the term Cheese Widdle as an insult, but this has been discredited and considered completely unrelated by most modern scholars.

Famous Cheese Widdlers

By now, you might be picking up on the notion that this page is largely about a non-existant term. But imagine, if you will, the most famous cheese widdlers. We know hardly anything of the Lascaux cave widdler. There is the steel widdler that Sir Edmund Hilary took with him to the top of Everest. There is the pressurized widdler that Jacques Cousteau famously dropped in the Marianas trench. Then there is the alluminum widdler that Neil Armstrong left on the moon. All these famous cheese widdlers have played their part in making cheese widdlers common place in today's society.

How to Use a Cheese Widdler

You just put your lips together, and blow. Oh no, that's whistle, not widdle. Cheese widdling is an ancient art passed on from father to son, and if you don't know how to use one, it is best left to a professional.

What has a Cheese Widdler got to do with Web Design?

This page is merely a demonstration of how a well-written and well-coded web page can earn a good natural rank for any term. Obviously, an obscure term with no practical use is easier to gain rank with, but the point is still well made. SEO requires some intrinsic understanding of how the web works, and BowStern knows cheese widdlers.

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Making Cheese Widdlers since 1950

Given that the term Cheese Widdler is completely made up, it is entirely possible that it was invented in 1950. Another radical theory suggets it was created in the mid-2000's by a young immigrant web designer frustrated by recurring SEO requests. How does a cheese widdler influence SEO in general? It doesn't! It's simply a demonstration of how you can write a page of good content, using good techniques, that will rank well. It also demonstrates that unless you're using a very odd made-up term, you will need a lot of work to compete in today's online environment. Can the makers of the cheese widdler help your SEO? Probably.

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