Tourism SOS

We are all sailing in turbulent economic seas, and the tourism industry has not been spared the rough waters. DMOs are a critical piece to reviving the economy and getting us back on course. When the winds shift and the tides turn the nation will be ready – and eager - to travel again. You must be ready.

We will select one destination (albeit city, county and/or DMO) to receive a free year of marketing services, valued at $250,000.

Rapid distribution of the vaccine seems to indicate smoother sailing. A return of the tourism winds to our sails is just over the horizon. This is why the crew at BowStern has launched Tourism SOS. Amidst these difficult times, the Bowstern crew will harness our marketing powers for good. We hear the tourism industry SOS and are here to answer the call.

Donated services can include anything from website and campaign design to digital media and public relations support. The final scope of in-kind services will be contingent upon the needs of the winning organization.

Applications are now closed. Entrant interviews are underway.

Tourism SOS