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Refreshed Brand for Self-Funded Health Insurance Coalition

(Savannah, Ga.)– Savannah Business Group (SBG) representatives today unveil their new corporate brand in conjunction with the launch of their new website

Headquartered in Savannah, SBG is a non-profit employer coalition of employers who work together to manage the costs of health care, improve the quality of the care, and improve the health of the community.  SBG develops and manages programs and initiatives that help both businesses and communities support a healthier Savannah.

“We are really thrilled with the new brand BowStern created for us,” said Gary J Rost, Executive Director of Savannah Business Group. “Our new brand and website position us well for many more years of success here in Savannah and the surrounding region.”

The new brand for SBG embodies solidarity and strength of the coalition and its movement toward to healthier community.

Since 1982 SBG and its members have worked tirelessly to manage the costs of health care, improve the quality of care, and improve the health of the community.  As a leader in this community and throughout the region SBG brings groups together to make Savannah a healthier community. On July 27th of this year SBG yet again took a leadership role in this community by hosted a Health Summit that brought together community health partners, health care providers, public officials, school administrators, patient advocates, churches, homeowner associations and community organizations. The focus of this summit was the twin epidemic of obesity and diabetes.

“We wanted to develop a progressive, strong mark for Savannah Business Group,” said Kimberly Pannell, President, BowStern Savannah. “The interconnected B and G communicate the strength of this coalition and the movement of the mark really convey the organizations progressive nature.  We’re very pleased with the solution and are thrilled that the SBG members have embraced it.”

To learn more about Savannah Business Group and see the new brand and website visit: .